Project: Coolercabs

Brief: Conversion of London Black cab to mobile ice cream parlour with unique serving

Our Client: Coolercabs Limited

Date: Aug 2018


Claire Cooper approached us with a TX2 London black cab with the idea of selling and serving ice cream. The company offer something unique to the event catering industry with a diverse range of delights for all.


We worked with Coolercabs throughout 2018 on a number of conceptual ideas until we came to a finalised design.

We cut a 1.2m x 1m section of the roof to become the new ‘roof hatch’, supported by 4 folding locking arms and re-sealed to ensure it was watertight. We stripped the cab of all interior, replacing it with a custom fit, weight-bearing metal framework for the fridge and ice cream machine. We built stainless steel units with sliding doors, work-top area and storage, laid wipe clean flooring and installed a mobile sink with bespoke electrics. The original plastics were cut to fit flush with the new layout and handles painted to match the cab colour scheme. We tidied up the bumped and scratched exterior, scrubbed away years of taxi rides, re-painted some interior and exterior elements, added an exterior detachable shelf and some shiny hub caps before wrapping. We also supplied Coolercabs with a bespoke weather cover for potential rainy days.

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