Project: Kingfomarket

Brief: Create, build, install and de-rig of a custom set and on-site event carpentry.s

Our Client: White Label LIVE Events Limited

Date: Annual


King Digital Entertainment Ltd are a social games development company and they hold their own annual conference event, ‘Kingfomarket’, in a different location each year. The 2018 Kingfomarket was held in Stockholm and then in Barcelona for 2019. Staged were asked to be part of the unique build.


In 2018, White Label Live Ltd asked us to create aluminum box frame structures to hold giant colourful guitar plectrums and hang at height above the event space. In addition to this, we built a 5m x 5m LED Chroma Panel wall for the side of the main stage. In 2019, we created a Greek Chariot DJ booth and Greek Temple stage header with CNC detailing and finished in a sandstone effect. Staged also provided on-site carpentry support across the event.

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